5D Communication Design - Creative Director / Co-Owner
Dates: September 2002 - Present

Key responsibilities:
  • Pitching creative recommendations to new and existing clients (B2B, B2C and H2H brand communications strategies)

  • Establishing creative direction for client service lines and/or products

  • Managing brand creation across all platforms and developing user-centric digital, interactive and print design concepts that meet client business objectives and advance brand strategies

  • Leading creative sessions to inspire the creative team (designers, developers, copywriters) to generate concepts for campaigns or projects

  • Financial management, project pre-planning and budget control

  • Overseeing efficient internal product processes, project schedules and systems

  • Facilitating design thinking methodology training (“Design for Print”) at Novus Holdings (Paarl Media)

Some Achievements:
  • Thistle QA exists to ensure the overall effectiveness of laboratory quality systems. We took the company from 7 boxes of fax paper per month and 2 full-time manual data capturers to a user-friendly, comprehensive online capturing system, which is now in use in more than 500 laboratories in more than 60 countries. Whereas the original fax-based manual system took 30 minutes to capture 1 result entry, the new user interface allows for a full day of results capturing to be processed and available in seconds. Results and reports being electronically generated has resulted in optimal accuracy, objectivity and improved efficiency.

  • South Africa is one of the top wine producing countries in the world with an industry that dates back more than 350 years. Almost all visitors domestic and international with an interest in food and wine visit the famous Franschhoek and Stellenbosch wine routes. Until fairly recently, the Elgin Valley in the southern Overberg district, traditionally known as an apple-producing region (except for a handful of wine producers), was practically unheard of as a tourist destination.

    Amid increased Western Cape and winelands destination competition, we were tasked with helping to take the Elgin Valley from a relatively unheard of small area in the Overberg to a sought after tourism destination for local and foreign visitors. This started with properly branding and fully promoting resources and tourist facilities. We also encouraged improved infrastructure for delivering special activities, experiences and events. After garnering full support from the local Elgin Valley and Grabouw community we focussed on the central idea that the profitability of a visitor’s stay is based on the total benefits that the guest can enjoy. This resulted in major tourism growth in the area, a stronger brand presence and the need for ever-increasing visitor facilities.

  • Established in 2016, Keypad Properties LLP (UK) provides a fully comprehensive property letting and management service in the United Kingdom, primarily North London and Herfordshire. They specialise in upmarket properties owned by local and expatriate landlords. In addition to developing their brand equity and strategy from scratch, we created a CRM system / online interface for their landlords and tenants to login and access all relevant information and documentation in relation to their property/ies. This has resulted in more efficient internal workflow processes and enables them to quickly identify and address their client needs.

  • Novus Holdings is the commercial leader in printing in Africa. We were invited to co-develop and run the ‘Design for Print’ training segment at the Novus Academy, which is an internationally accredited training institution. I am also the designated lecturer responsible for facilitating all design aspects of the training, which targets Novus clients’ (art directors, designers, traffic, production). The programme improves design productivity, reduces errors, and saves Novus and their clients time and money.

  • In 2015 we were tasked with championing a major rebranding for The Dunes at Arniston Hotel in Arniston, Overberg, near the southern tip of Africa and developing a marketing strategy (including all marketing collatoral). Owned by The Denel Overberg Test Range, the establishment was historically known as a conferencing hotel for Denel. Our initiatives to market the establishment as a conference, wedding and business and leisure hotel have thus far resulted in the establishment moving from occupancy levels below 20% in 2014 to occupancy levels of 60% in 2016.

IT Consulting - Creative Director
Dates: July 2001 - August 2002

Key responsibilities:

IT Consulting had recognised the need to provide their clients with more than IT networking and support services. I was employed to develop their digital offering from scratch. By the year 2000 ads were beginning to appear alongside search results driven by consumer interests. It spelled the necessity for moving from traditional advertising to a more integrated marketing communication approach.

Some Achievements:

  • In the infancy of the digital era, I was tasked with converging physical and digital internal channels and devising, setting up and streamlining a digital division to integrate IT and marketing services. This resulted in better overall team performance in terms of creative consistency, improved productivity and work output.

  • Created a digital job-tracking database for client projects, product notes, supplier contact information and scheduling, and an archival process for completed design projects.

  • Developed our customer base by 40% in my first three months at IT Consulting – new clients from various sectors including government, investment, advertising, cellphone banking and industrial

  • Led the team that conceptualised, designed and developed the first WIP Holdings (100% women-owned and managed black investment company) and WIP Capital websites and online presences.

  • Championed a complex project for the first Gauteng Shared Services Centre (GSSC). By coordinating an internal government task team consisting of various government representatives from multiple departments, we were able to streamline and develop more effective procedures (not part of the original brief), which resulted in user-centric and more easily navigable access to information.

Online Productions - Creative Director
Dates: October 1999 - June 2001

Key responsibilities:

These were the early days of programming merging with design. Online branding space was in its infancy. My team and I were 12 strong. It was exciting to facilitate a collaboration of different perspectives – analytical back room coders working together with front-end creatives - to achieve the same end goals. I moved them all into the same space and together we achieved a number of firsts. These included conceptualising system solutions for Ford and Mazda finance divisions to streamline the online customer experience. We worked with Young & Rubicam to co-produce campaigns for their clients brands to filter into a digital environment. We also conceptualised and implemented Pick ‘n Pay’s first online shopping website.

Some Achievements:

  • Transformed a team of 7 front-end developers and 5 back-end programmers - working at cross purposes in two independent silos - into a unified creative engine room with a 100% record of meeting deadlines.

  • As part of a large project collaboration initiative, I led the design and development team that built Pick ‘n Pay’s first ecommerce, online “Home Shopping” space (included more than 500 000 products) – the precursor to the site that’s still in operation today.

  • Devised creative navigation for - and developed and launched - “Ford Journey” for Ford Motor Company, South Africa. It was a revolutionary online purchasing portal. Customers could go through faster and more efficient stages of purchasing a new vehicle online and could follow the various real time stages of their particular vehicle from production on the factory floor to its arrival at the dealership.

  • Innovated website interface solutions in collaboration with the financial and IT teams at Ford Credit and Mazda Finance where for the first time potential and existing customers could either apply for finance online or view existing financial records.

Freelance Art Director
Dates: July 1997 - September 1999

Key responsibilities:

I was responsible for design solutions from concept to implementation for various small- to medium-sized companies. Some of the clients with which I worked are still clients today.

TBWA Hunt Lascaris Group (Tool Communications) - Art Director / Web Designer
Dates: March 1996 - June 1997

Key responsibilities:

I was responsible for conceptualising original ideas for the visual elements of various advertising campaigns. Clients included the JHI Property Group, Nampak, BMW and Wonderbra. The 1990s saw the start of browsers as we know them today but web design was fairly unchartered. I was part of a pioneering six-person team that designed and developed the first BMW South Africa website. I was also part of a two-person team that designed and developed the first JHI Property Group and Nampak websites.

Some Achievements:

  • Nominated for 3 Loerie Awards:
    • Mixed media campaign for BMW
    • Corporate website concept and design above R100000 for BMW
    • Corporate website concept and design below R100000 for Tool Communication
  • I was part of a specially selected 6-person pioneering team that designed and developed the first BMW South Africa website, which was launched at the same event as the launch of the BMW Z3.

  • Worked in situ with Standard Bank to produce their first online website presence
  • Conseptualised, designed and developed the first ever websites for the following major brands:

    • City Lodge
    • JHI Property Group
    • Nampak
    • Pajero
  • Conceptualised and created electronic interactive invitations (at the time a new technological innovation) for Microsoft’s small business roadshows


AAA School of Advertising
Year completed: 1995

Qualification: Diploma in Advertising with specialisation in Art Direction

Achievements: Graduated with Honours