With 20+ years in digital and print media I know that all the flashy bullet points, complex graphs and clever phrasing in the world cannot compensate for the lack of a solid creative idea. I also know that providing an exceptional client experience is not about having all the answers but asking the right questions. It’s about knowing that real inspiration come from doing homework: walking the factory floor, understanding business and industry pressures and challenges and then providing exceptional branding, design, marketing and visual communication solutions.

Leadership Competencies

  • Communicating ideas to teams of designers, developers and copywriters and ensuring the seamless execution of deliverables in both mobile and desktop formats
  • Inspiring a culture of honest engagement and consensus, and leading creative talent to produce work that makes aesthetic and business sense
  • Demonstrating clarity, vision and decisive decision-making ability in the creative engine room while maintaining an intense pace to meet tight deadlines and last-minute requests
  • Communicating and selling concepts to client, overseeing multiple client projects, and managing client expectations from concept to completion
  • UI/UX design best practice and strategy (conceptualisation to wireframing to pixels)
  • Strong understanding and knowledge of front-end and back-end development, search and social marketing